Monday, November 24, 2014

Why I Hate Packing: Decision Fatigue - #NaBloPoMo 24

Despite the load lessening on every passing trip, as my kids become more responsible for themselves, one thing remains very clear to me: I absolutely detest packing. I LOVE unpacking. I've been known to tackle a suitcase, start laundry and get my life back in order within 30 minutes of arriving back home. But the packing to go makes me miserable.

I don't know what I want to eat for breakfast each morning, much less what I'm going to want to wear five days from now. Even if I like all of the clothing I'm bringing on a trip, I still would prefer to have more options than be confined to whatever fits in my luggage. And there are just so many decisions to be made. There is science behind the fact that the more decisions you have to make, the poorer your choices will be, so you should try to make your most important decisions earlier in the day. I find I'm almost always packing at the end of the day, and while I haven't had any true packing disasters because of it, I know it takes me longer and requires more thought than I'd like.

Tonight I at least need to make sure Max gets packed up for our Thanksgiving trip. I'm working from home tomorrow morning, so I'm thinking I might wait to pack for myself until then. Maybe I'll feel more inspired to pin down that Thanksgiving Day outfit in the morning.

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