Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Randomness - #NaBloPoMo 14

It's after 5 pm on a Friday and I need to save whatever is left of my mush of a brain for a LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER meeting later tonight, so I'm copying my friend Danielle and just giving you some random thoughts. After all, one of hers was about me, so yea.

- Danielle lives in Canada, and yesterday I looked up that it would take 41 hours to drive to her town. I was curious, because I've never been that far west in Canada before. Danielle and I have been talking pretty much every day lately, but 41 hours is a lot of driving, so I don't think we'll be getting together for coffee anytime soon.

- We will be driving a good portion of that way though, same road and everything, to get to Ohio for Thanksgiving soon. I'm in a bit of denial at how soon that actually is. Mostly because I hate packing.

- There was snow on the ground here in Boston today, and I saw multiple examples of women in puffy, warm winter coats and bare legs under their tiny skirts. Ladies, I'm sorry, this is not a good look. You don't look hawt, you look cold. Buy some tights.

- I had dinner the other night with these gorgeous ladies, two years since this post about them was written. It's been one of my favorite posts since I wrote it. I can't speak for them, but just like two years ago, to me it felt like it'd only been moments since we were last together. I'm so lucky they're still in my life.

- I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift's new single, "Blank Space." The video for it is perfection, but this version is pretty fun too.

- Hey, we're halfway through National Blog Posting Month! 15 posts now down. And honestly? Not a chore for me. I love it.

Happy weekend!

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  1. It sounds like she is saying "Starbucks lovers" at 3:24 - what does that mean?