Sunday, November 16, 2014

Those Crazy Squares - #NaBloPoMo 16

A few months ago, I wrote a post about squares, and how a series of squares represents the weeks of our lives. The premise belonged to someone else, but the basic idea was to say that each week, we should be doing something that furthered us along to some greater goal, whatever that goal might be. I really liked the idea, and thought that each week I should definitely find some time to advance my goals. In a whole week, I should be able to find some time for me, right?

It turns out not to be as easy as I thought. Because even if I do find some time just for me each week, it turns out that sometimes I just want to get a manicure, or watch TV. I don't always want to think about my grand ambitions: how I got rejected from that anthology, how I haven't tried pitching anything new for a while. Keeping it in my Google Calendar task section was supposed to motivate me. Now, it just taunts me. I was solid for a good six weeks. Then, life happened.

I still think it's a good way to visualize how I'm spending my time. Any sort of accountability works well for me. But, even though in my mind I'm this accomplished writer with a lot to say, I'm really a wife, mother of two, and product manager first.

I just have to make sure I don't use up too many squares in a row without working on the writer side of me.

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