Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wrapping Up 2017 and "Celebrate"

Friends, it's been a long year. We all know this. But I'd entered 2017 optimistically, choosing my word of the year as "celebrate." I knew I had many big, noteworthy occasions coming up for the year, and I did well celebrating some of them. But my real goal was to celebrate some of the smaller moments in life, and I often forgot about that. I've spent a lot of this year stressed, overwhelmed and tired. I definitely lost sight of my aspirations. More to improve upon in 2018, I suppose.

But the good moments were very, very good, and so that's how I'm choosing to end the year here.

I still can't believe Hannah's bat mitzvah was as truly amazing as it was.

Max had a lovely ceremony to receive his prayer book at temple.

My team won an award at work, and I traveled to Asia, treating myself to a fancy celebratory dinner there.

We saw the eclipse from a boat...

And Marc and the kids went back to school.

I turned 40 and we celebrated 15 years together.

We made time to hang out, have a little fun, and remember to be fearless.

I haven't found a word for 2018 yet, but hope that inspiration will strike. In the end though, it wouldn't be such a bad year if I just continue to make time to hang out, have a little fun, and be fearless.

Wishing you all the best in 2018.