Thursday, September 27, 2012

Springboard Conference Part One: Last Friday Night with Odyssey Cruises

So, my first blogging conference. Nervous and excited, I boarded the Odyssey cruise on a chilly Boston evening to get started on this new adventure. I was at the wharf early, and waited around, looking for other bloggy types until I spotted Christy of Quirky Fusion, one of the conference organizers. A group of us got on the boat together after taking the quick picture in my last post, and within minutes we were exchanging business cards and figuring out who everyone was.

The dinner was seated, and I ended up spending most of the evening talking with the other women at my table: Melissa of A Wide Line, Amy of A Nest For All Seasons and Kristin of MamaLuvsBooks. If you spend a few minutes looking around their sites, you'll see that we all do things fairly differently from one another, but it didn't stop us from gabbing the night away. There is something about other bloggers; I guess we're accustomed to sharing things about our lives, and I think we tend to be good at doing that in person as well. Or, at least the ones who put themselves out there and attend events have to be good at it. If you're just at home in your PJ's all the time, you probably don't have much to blog about anyway. :) I also got to meet Kimberly of Red Shutters and reconnect with other Boston Parent Bloggers (check my blog roll for lots of great people there).

The food and ship were nicer than I expected, not having been on a harbor cruise in quite a long time. The band was a little loud considering we were all trying to have conversations and not dance, but I'm sure the rest of the boat was wondering what we were all doing there. I didn't even take a picture of the Boston skyline - I was so busy taking in everything from this great group. And sampling this yummy raspberry mousse.
I was lucky enough to snag a ride home with JD of Honest Mom, an "honorary Jew" I got to meet a few months ago and instantly connected with then too.

It was a fabulous night, and left me very excited for what was ahead for the next day. Thanks Odyssey for having us!


  1. Hey - no hating on the bloggers in pjs!! ;) wonderful to meet you and call you a friend darling! Cheers!

  2. More on Amy's session to come...actually, both of the good sessions were run by Amy's!

  3. Love the title of this post..I didnt make it to the cruise, but it sounds like it was a blast! It was fun meeting you!

  4. Love how you talk about the connections between bloggers! So true. Wait, do yoga pants count as pj's? :)