Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Morning Memes - #NaBloPoMo 12

In another one of my traditional "Morning all" posts to Twitter, today I said I was trying to stay positive despite Boston's crazy fog, my unruly hair, and an overly crowded train. I thought just putting that out into the universe would be enough to guarantee me a little positivity. But the thing is, you never know who's reading when you're on Twitter. 

Unbeknownst to me, my friend Julie of Next Life, No Kids had posted on Facebook that she had a friend who needed a little lift today. Apparently, Julie commands an army, because in what seemed like minutes, about 40 memes had been posted to Facebook in order to pick me up, mostly be people I don't even know. I really wasn't even that upset about my morning--after all, how many of my work days begin with less-than-ideal weather, hair styles and train situations?--but it got infinitely better after this. Here were some of my favorites.

(I just hate that I have no attribution for any of them. Bless you, meme-makers of the Internet.)


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