Thursday, March 17, 2016

Year Nine: Making Room

My desk and vanity table in our bedroom. Spaces for me.

It's another blogiversary, my ninth one. I'm still here, I guess.

I sounded a lot more confident last year, at the end of year eight. That feels like a very long time ago, longer than the year it's been.

I haven't been writing very much. I wrote something I'd rather forget, had to re-learn not to read the comments, and to let the comments said to my face not derail me completely. That piece was only part of a much bigger reckoning that kept me awake during many middle of the night hours in recent months. I then wrote a long piece about the difference between friends and family, grappling with issues on that topic that I've had for as long as I can remember. That piece is sitting in drafts, probably never to see the publish button clicked, but it helped me process things.

Writing always does, which is why I keep coming back.

I've made room for so many things over the past year. We literally made room in our house, doing the addition. I now have a place for me - a desk and a vanity - and they make me so very happy. I've made room for more work-related travel. I made room for planning a trip to Disney, and now, maybe, for buying a puppy. I've made room for running lines with Hannah and for practicing spelling bee words with Max. I've made room for Marc to add more coursework as he pursues one of his dreams. I haven't made much room for blogging.

We'll see what happens in year 10.