Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New Specs - #NaBloPoMo 4

Pretty, right? Oh, and I voted today too!
With everything my eyes have been through lately, it was time to reward them. Constant eye drops, steroid gels, poking and prodding and harsh shining lights have been a regular fixture in these past two months. While I think it's mostly behind me now, there are no guarantees, and so it was time to replace my glasses.

I made a few major errors with my last pair, which I purchased in 2011. I didn't understand that the Transitions lenses wouldn't work when I was in a car, nor would they really get as dark as I needed in direct sunlight. I'm a regular sunglasses wearer, and since I thought I'd mostly be wearing my glasses at night, I said I'd be able to get by. I had no idea I'd be wearing my glasses on such a regular basis then. I also bought a pair that I thought would help me have as much peripheral vision as possible. Wrong again. The bigger frames actually impeded my ability to see beyond them. Finally, I bought the pair that I thought was pretty cute. And they were, I've always gotten compliments on them, but they just didn't fit on my face and were endlessly sliding down the non-existent bridge of my nose.

It took the sales person about 7 seconds to see all of these issues when I went to a new glasses store, and she was able to present me with a bunch of better options in minutes. Less than 24 hours later, I have my new current-prescription-staying-on-my-nose-glare-resistant-subtly-purple glasses with matching sunglass clips.

And suddenly I have a whole new outlook on the world.