Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Down to the Wire

I am now 38+ weeks pregnant, and my labor will be induced on Monday, December 31. Assuming everything progresses well, we could get a nice tax deduction in addition to our little BabyBee. Or we could be on the front page of the Globe, with the first baby of the year. Either scenario is not something we're really striving for - the 31st is the supposed "ideal" induction date for me. I am pretty uncomfortable and ready to go. At least, as ready as you can ever be for your world to experience a seismic shift.

The BusyBee's level of excitement has been pretty consistent since we told her those many months ago. She loves babies - every baby she sees is cute to her, even the baby Grinch in the live action "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." I know she will fall right in love with her baby brother, and I am excited to watch that happen. I see how much she loves her father and I, but to think that we can create two human beings that will love each other as well - it's just pretty special.

So the big question we're hearing a lot of: are you ready? The answer is a resounding "sort of." We have a lot of the gear in place, but this time around we're definitely travelling lighter. We're trying to be more reserved and figure out what we will really need, which is something you can't really do until you've been there before. I have a tendency to want to go overboard, but Mr. Bee has kept me in line.

As 2007 comes to a close, I look back on the year and know that we have worked very hard for a lot of the things that are good in our lives. But a baby - I recognize how lucky we are to have gotten to this point. I look forward to sharing some of the experiences of our growing, busy family with you soon.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Giant Post

The last several weeks have gone by in a blur. We've had so much going on, that I'm actually kind of grateful to have a day at home with a fever-stricken BusyBee. So here are some bits on what we've been doing lately.

Halloween was a big hit this year. The weather was gorgeous, and we took our Little Mermaid to our village trick-or-treating event (I really get a kick out of saying "village" sometimes!). BusyBee was very polite, good at saying "trick-or-treat," and is still enjoying her candy a month later, one piece at a time.

We attended a family bat mitzvah in the Albany area the following weekend, the last of a certain generation in Mr. Bee's family (Mr. Bee being the first in that generation, his bar mtizvah having been 20 years ago!). It was a lovely event, and the last family bar mitzvah until the BusyBee's, nine years from now.

Continuing on the Jewish theme, Mr. Bee and I attended a synagogue-sponsored evening on day school and religious school options in our community. While we are still considering public school as our first choice, it was good to hear more about the other opportunities available. It's definitely overwhelming though.

The next day we had the wonderful opportunity to attend the brit milah of the BusyBee's best friend's baby brother. It was a very meaningful event, and we were honored to be in attendance. It was also great to see one firsthand, as BabyBee's brit will occur in just a matter of weeks!

Speaking of which, the BusyBee is getting very excited about her new big sister role. She attended a sibling class and really seemed to enjoy it. Mr. Bee was a little concerned about how all the kids there seemed to most enjoy poking the eyes of their plastic dolls, but BusyBee has reassured us that she knows the difference between a doll and a real baby. We'll wait to see if that's really the case.

We travelled to New Haven and Hartford for various parts of the Thanksgiving weekend, and had a lovely dinner at the home of my sister- and brother-in-law. We also attended Mr. Bee's 15 year high school reunion, where I commiserated with several other pregnant women about having to stand around for hours in our current state!

December is nearly upon us, and I am now 34 weeks pregnant. We're finally getting ourselves stocked with baby gear, and hopefully the rest of the month will fly by with getting ready for BabyBee's arrival. BusyBee is desperate for Hanukah to begin, but in the context of being pregnant, I've been desperate for all of the events above to arrive already! It's as though I have a running list of things that need to happen before the baby is due, and this past month they've been ticking by very quickly. I'm not nervous about having so few weeks left and so much to accomplish, but I'm not quite sure how it'll all get done either. Who knows though - BabyBee could surprise us all and come early. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Big 3-0

Today is my thirtieth birthday, and it's a good moment to take stock.

A lot of people seem to fear this birthday, but I've been looking forward to it. For one thing, Mr. Bee is throwing me a party tomorrow, and I'm excited to see some people I haven't seen in a while.

I'm a little sad to be leaving my twenties (which also began with an amazing party - that time, in a castle). I accomplished quite a lot in that decade: graduated from college, got my first real job, got married, started the MBA program, bought a condo, had a baby, quit the first job and got another, sold the condo, bought a house, renovated a kitchen, got a pretty big promotion, got pregnant again, and finished the MBA. I have had wonderful support from my family and friends. I have had the opportunity to travel a bit and experience new places. It basically was the decade when my life as an adult began.

But I am excited to finally be 30. This will be decade, G-d willing, in which my second child is born, and when the BusyBee will go to kindergarten. Hopefully, we'll be able to do further renovations on our home to create our version of a dream house. There will be weddings and bar mitzvahs to attend, and I hope to finally see Europe. There won't likely be any more formal education, so I'm interested to see how I'll keep learning.

One of my bosses recently told me that I am a "person of substance." I thought that was a very cool compliment. So happy birthday to me. And for all of you reading who aren't 29 weeks pregnant, have a drink for me.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Career Milestone

When I began my first full-time job after college, on January 17, 2000 (I graduated early), I was given a prospectus to introduce me to one of the funds I'd be working on. I had no idea what I was reading, and was really overwhelmed. Until I came to the section listing the portfolio managers and investment professionals, and their biographies.

I worked for a firm that is quite well-known in these parts, and the biographies were impressive. I realized then that this was professional recognition in the investment world, a way of saying "these are the people to trust with your money." I made it a goal to some day be listed in pages like these.

That goal was realized this week, when I wrote my biography and added it to our investor presentation template. There are only five people listed, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. I know most people probably never even read the thing - you've got to be in a pretty select group of people to even see our presentation to begin with - but it feels like I've accomplished something.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The BusyBee wears pants!

The BusyBee is all girl. She loves princesses, purple and pink, make-up and most of all - dresses. Since last December, or there-abouts, she has worn only dresses and skirts. No pants, no shorts. I attempted a pair of shorts earlier in the summer, and after half an hour of screaming, they had to be removed.

But this past weekend, my mother-in-law purchased a very cute pants and shirt outfit from Hanna Anderson. The BusyBee approved the purchase and swore that she'd wear them. I had my doubts, but seeing as I hadn't even purchased a pair in her current size, I figured we might as well try.

So yesterday, when she woke up in a pretty good mood, I suggested the pants. There was a lot of resistance, but after promising a trip to McDonald's and the book store for that evening, she gave in. The pants were worn all day.

I really wish I could have taken a picture to commemorate the day, but I know the BusyBee would never have tolerated that. I didn't want to push my luck any further. So instead, I'll memorialize it here.

She's wearing a skirt again today, but I don't really want to change her sense of style. She's not going to want dresses forever. Though I did see a group of five 10-year-old girls on the T yesterday, all wearing different denim skirts. Maybe it's something she won't have to grow out of after all.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Story Land

A quick note on the virtues of Story Land, located in Glen, NH. We visited last weekend, and the BusyBee had a fantastic time. The drive from here was almost four hours, including some rough patches of traffic, so we ended up spontaneously renting a hotel room and buying new clothes to stay overnight. We might have benefited from planning that a little better, but it was a fun bit of serendipity, and everything worked out really well.

If you've got little ones and live in the area, I highly recommend it. I'm already looking forward to taking the BusyBee and JellyBelly someday.

A Company "Varganza"

To celebrate a special company milestone, a very fancy party was held last night. You could have called it an "extravaganza" but in three-year-old parlance, that might come out as "varganza" instead. I'd been calling it that in my head (and on my Google Calendar) for weeks, and I can't think of a better word now.

It was quite an event. It began with a Boston Police escort out to the site in Waltham, MA, featured a prominent reggae band (sorry to those of you who actually know reggae music, this was lost on me), and ended in fireworks.

Yes, you read that right, fireworks. It was truly over the top.

Usually, I'm not the biggest fan of company-sponsored get-togethers. I'd personally prefer that they just dole out the cash instead, even if it means less time bonding with co-workers. But seriously, what raises morale higher than more money? Well, my firm answered that question by providing a decently entertaining evening AND telling us we're all getting a surprise bonus check next week.

Now that's a real reason to celebrate.

Friday, August 31, 2007

A Vacation to Nowhere

The BusyBee's daycare is closed this week, so Mr. Bee and I were forced to take a few days off. We haven't had much of a break since our trip to California in April, so it's been wonderful.

Yesterday we visited Spectacle Island, one of the Boston Harbor Islands. Taking the ferry from the Long Wharf pier was easy, but the beach there was a little disappointing (very rocky). Mr. Bee enjoyed a hike and the wonderful views of Boston though.

I squeezed in a haircut this morning, which is also something I haven't done in months. It was great to do it first thing in the morning and get to enjoy how nice it looks all day today.

Then we made a giant trip to IKEA. Now that the kitchen is done, we're working on outfitting our office, and then we'll move on to BusyBee's room before tackling Jelly-Belly's (our baby boy, arriving in January, aka "Buggy") room. We're using the delivery service for the first time, which seemed particularly worthwhile given that everything will be carried into the room it needs to go in, a real blessing since I'm pretty useless these days. We always have a good time at IKEA, and today featured a special highlight: BusyBee's first completely eaten ice cream cone. :)

The amazing thing is that I still have three days off! We'll be heading to Storyland in New Hampshire for one of them, but no specific plans for the rest of the time yet. How truly wonderful to take a break from work and not feel even more structured than usual!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Getting Tired

I hate to say it, but I am getting tired.

No, I don't mean the physical exhaustion of being almost 20 weeks pregnant, though there is lots of that too.

I am getting tired of reading about the "mommy wars" and, sometimes, just parenting issues in general.

Throughout my life I've been a reader of topics close to my own experiences at the time. I devoured the Babysitters Club series as a kid, and loved the whole chick lit experience when I was just starting my own relationship and career. Since my pregnancy with BusyBee and in the years hence, I've read far too many personal accounts and fact-based articles about parenting to number. With the Internet, it's just become too easy. I realized this was a problem when I tried to mention something on a blog to Mr. Bee, and he pointed out that I read so many parenting blogs that he couldn't possibly know which one I was referring to. I was going to counter back that I read just a few, thinking of maybe three. The number is actually closer to 10.

But lately, I'm not getting as much out of it. There are still some columns I read with excitement and anticipation (I've been a fan of Catherine Newman's columns, now at Wondertime, for years), but mostly it's begun to feel like a chore. I want to be entertained and a bit informed, but I've seen so many postings on the Mattel recalls that I want to vomit. I have yet to find one website, or even one article, that I can truly agree with on matters of working moms and balancing it all. I realize that this is because no two people have the same experience anyway, but these articles are written in such a way that they are meant to be universal. For every point where I'm in agreement, there's another where I want to shout back at the screen.

I realize, too, that this blog has a lot about my life as a parent and the experiences I have. Being a mom is obviously a big part of my life, and I like the idea of documenting some of these things. I think some day it will help my children understand a little bit more about me. But when large media outlets sensationalize my favorite topics, it makes me want to curl up in a ball and get away from it all.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Feeling a Little Left Out

Lately, it seems there have been many pop culture "events" creating quite a stir. First it was the series finale of "The Sopranos." Last week it was the release of the final "Harry Potter" book, and this week it's the release of "The Simpsons" movie. Even the iPhone had a week to call its own.

Well, I don't have HBO, have little to no Harry knowledge, less than no desire to see the new movie, and can't afford the payments on the phone.

It's funny, because the BusyBee is actually marginally aware of Harry and the Simpsons, and was very good at manipulating the iPhone we played with at an Apple Store.

I consider myself pretty current on pop culture and visit many websites that regularly contain this type content. I find it a little disappointing when their content revolves around one of these frenzies that I can't get behind, and a little left out.

Though I was happy to hear about the selection of a favorite Journey song for the Sopranos finale. At least that got my attention.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Swimming and Post-School Victories

This summer, the BusyBee is taking swim lessons. I signed her up so that her best friend is in the same class, and this has been just wonderful. Not only do I get to spend half an hour talking with the girl's mother, but both girls are doing really well in the class together. I think they both have more confidence than if they had taken the class on their own, and it's adorable to see them compete and cheer each other on at the same time. Plus, the pool has a strict swim cap rule, and they look just adorable.

This past weekend I managed to fit into my own bathing suit and took the BusyBee swimming on my own. I really do like getting to play in the water with her, and she likes me being her "teacher." I hope we get to keep doing it.

The last four weeks have been very busy. First I finished my last class (and got an A, thank you very much!). The next day my parents came to Boston for a whirlwind shopping visit. After they left, I had a few nights in a row that I was out of the house, and then some visits with Mr. Bee's family this past weekend. Finally on Sunday afternoon I got a little downtime, by which I mean "time to do all the laundry." I can't remember the last time I got all of the laundry done, folded and put away by 6 o'clock on a Sunday night, so I'm chalking that up to my first "post-school" victory. But the fact that I've been able to do so much in the last two weeks is obviously a post-school victory too.

Mr. Bee keeps reminding/kidding me that I need to do my homework. Being in grad school has been part of my identity for so long, that I just feel like I've got a little break before the next class starts up. I wonder when it will really hit me that it's all over.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And now for the big announcement

I am pregnant.

Twelve-weeks, told-my-bosses, had-an-ultrasound, wearing-maternity-clothes pregnant.

Due right around the BusyBee's 4th birthday.

I am very happy about this baby. We're as ready for a 2nd child as I think we can be. But right now, I'm mostly feeling frustrated.

My biggest issue is maternity clothes and how I feel like I need more of them. I hate the thought of wearing the same few shirts over and over again. Being plus size means there aren't many options out there, particularly in tops that will be good for work purposes. I did luck out on a shopping trip a few weeks ago and bought some things, but am still feeling under prepared.

Then there's my commute. My regular train route is being altered for the summer to accommodate track work, and they are busing. This is bad enough. But today was the kick off of my "Give me your seat, I'm pregnant!" MBTA campaign. So far it's People Who Pretend Not to Notice - 1, pregnant me - 0. I had to stand on both the train and bus portions of my schlep home. This is not fun.

I want a new purse too.

Am I feeling a bit emotional, slightly irrational? You bet. It's going to be a long six more months.

PS: The BusyBee is very excited about the baby. She has lots of logistical questions about taking the baby to stores, school, etc. She also thinks it's hysterical that the baby "eats" my food and "drinks" my water. She can't wait to be a big sister, and I am happy for her.

Friday, June 15, 2007

"You're welcome."

I don't know why, but I have the hardest time uttering those three syllables. Whenever I accomplish a task for someone, especially a boss, I reply with "It was no problem at all, really." I guess I don't want them to think there's anything I can't handle. But the truth of the matter is that some of these tasks are rather difficult/time-consuming/boring. I should be able to accept their gratitude with a simple "you're welcome" instead of insinuating "sure, feel free to give me all the junk you don't feel like doing, I'll take it on no matter what." I don't even know how I developed this pattern, but lately, I've been very conscious that I'm saying it, and yet I can't seem to stop. I've never been very good at accepting compliments either.

In other news, this stuff about the computers crashing on the space station is rather scary. It's not getting much press what with all the Paris Hilton prison musings and all, but I really wish people cared more about these things. I feel for NASA and the Russian space program, partly because I have studied some of their bigger disasters in business school (which might explain why I am more aware of this issue than some). The idea of solving this problem is so daunting to me: the experts aren't there with them on the station, and they have such limited ability to fix things from a distance. Indeed, they have no real way of knowing just what it causing the error with so much technology involved. Who knows what tiny aspect is throwing everything off?

I guess if they can successfully pull it off and the station does not need to be evacuated, we all owe them gratitude. Hopefully they'll know how to say, "you're welcome."

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Different MBA Perspectives

After a three-plus year break, I am currently taking an actual Finance course. I have tried to take more of the courses relating to organizational behavior and strategy, and I think this has given me a good understanding of how companies work.

In the Finance courses, learning is much more narrow in scope. I am taking a course on fixed income investments, and, to be frank, it's kicking my ass. I'm having to invest a lot of time for what I consider to be very little return. Somehow, I guess I forgot to do the present value calculation on this course before enrolling.

(Actually - I didn't have many options. Seeing as this is my very last class in the program, I've taken almost everything. And summer offerings are always slim.)

I could have done a concentration in Finance, and I think I would then understand a lot about how to finance company operations. But would I have such a universal view? Would I know how to motivate the people behind the spreadsheets and debt offerings? Would I understand the operations and marketing pressures? I'm not sure that I would. Hopefully, someday I'll have an opportunity to use this broader knowledge base.

We'll soon be heading to a Village Day celebration in our town, with some of our neighbors. Their five-year-old son is so good to the BusyBee, incredibly patient with her. He doesn't seem to notice that she's three, and can't quite keep up with him. He'll be a big brother in the coming weeks, and his dad says it's good big brother training. The BusyBee won't need any big sister training - she's raring to go.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Long Weekend

I love three-day weekends, especially one like this one. There is just so much more time to get things done, and I don't feel like I have to sacrifice fun activities for laundry and homework. Not that I've gotten very far on my homework yet. But I did get new shoes and a haircut for the BusyBee, both of which have been necessary for a while now.

Not much else of note has been happening, just busy as usual. Class two nights a week is a major time drain. The BusyBee also attended back-up daycare for two days this past week, while her school was closed for Shavuot. The extra schlepping of her and all her stuff is hard on me, but the change in routine is much harder on her. Fortunately, she handled it like a pro. Funny how sometimes she can roll with the punches, and other times is totally inflexible.

Tomorrow we're planning to attend the Hopper exhibit at the MFA. Should be a good way to avoid a rainy day. And there's still that homework to get to.

Enjoy the start of summer.

Friday, May 11, 2007

On Being Sick

I have had a very bad cold this week.

I felt lethargic all day Monday while at work, and on Tuesday I woke up without a voice. I stayed at home on the couch all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday (had to attend the BusyBee's Mother's Day breakfast at daycare). I even had a fever.

Being sick is not such an unusual experience for me. I seem to get run down and worn out more and more often. At first I would chalk it up to germs brought home by the BusyBee, but this time, I think I just got sick on my own.

The hardest part is the coughing. My coughs can sometimes drag on for weeks. Co-workers tend to get very annoyed, but it's not as if I can stay home with just a cough. The second issue is everyone giving me advice on how better to take care of myself. I try to be nice about it, but I hate that part of being sick more than the rest of it combined.

While colds are a universal experience, there is truly the mother of universal experiences that trumps it. When I was pregnant with the BusyBee, I was stunned by how universal pregnancy is. Even men had comments on my situation. My favorite interaction was in a CVS when Mr. Bee and I stopped to pick up a few things. As I was paying, the clerk noticed we were buying Tums, and assumed they were for a very pregnant me. She told me that heartburn meant the baby had a lot of hair. Well, the BusyBee did in fact have a lot of hair when she arrived, but I don't think it was causing Mr. Bee's upset stomach.

For Mother's Day, the BusyBee made me a great frame with a cute picture of herself at daycare. The frame is purple, of course, since that is her favorite color. It show her "smile-on-command" face, which results in very squinted eyes. I love it.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Almost Graduation Day

On Tuesday night I finished my fifteenth graduate school course as I work towards my MBA. I have just one class to go, and will officially be done with school in July.

It will have taken me four and a half years.

I'm planning to attend the graduation ceremony in a few weeks, though I won't know most of my fellow graduates, having been in the part-time program. I never thought I'd go to the ceremony, but as it got closer I realized that I needed a moment to celebrate this accomplishment. Obviously, it wasn't easy.

I have been applying to or enrolled in grad school for my entire married life. Mr. Bee has practically earned a degree of his own by coaching me through this and handling some of the details of life (and a lot of childcare) that I couldn't attend to while working full-time and taking classes. He needs a moment to celebrate this too.

I have also been lucky to have two employers that recognize the importance of graduate education and have paid all of my tuition (and in one case, fees and books too). To have gotten a free degree is really unbelievable.

Many others have supported and encouraged me along the way as well, and I thank you all for it. Whether you filled out a survey on bread pudding, advised on my leadership skills, or just put up with my schedule and having less free time to spend with you, I appreciate it.

Soon on to the last course. I just have to remember that I'm not totally finished yet. :)

A Few Hundred New York Minutes

Last weekend Mr. Bee and I took our long-awaited trip to NYC. Mr. Bee had purchased tickets for us to see "Wicked" last October (for my birthday) and Sunday was finally the day. We left the BusyBee with my sister- and brother-in-law, and took the train there from New Haven.

After lunch and a little shopping, we saw the show. It was absolutely wonderful. I can't get the songs out of my head. I'm a big Broadway fan, and while I haven't seen everything I'd like to see, I try to go when I can. I've been a fan since I heard the first haunting strains of "Phantom of the Opera" in seventh grade. I can vividly remember singing from the sheet music in the choir room with my three other best friends at the time.

One of those best friends actually had a Broadway role in "Wicked." He was one of the supporting characters, and while watching it, and listening to the CD since then, I can totally see him playing the role (he left the show last summer). In my mind, he's made it. We're not in touch any longer, but I'm proud of him still.

The most amazing part of the day was a totally random, but very New York, moment. We were in Union Square and walked past a movie theater that was screening the new movie "Waitress," starring Keri Russell. She happened to step out of her town car as we walked by. "Felicity" in the flesh. That show was one of my favorites, especially having been a college student myself when it first aired. So that was definitely exciting.

The BusyBee reportedly had a great day too. I felt bad about leaving her (we got her the program from "Wicked" and she's learning all the songs) and can't tell you how many times I thought of her while we were gone for those 10 or so hours. But as soon as we got to NYC, Mr. Bee and I were already planning our next trip and to bring her along.

Monday, April 23, 2007

A Whirlwind Vacation

We had a wonderful time in California.

In just four days, we managed to cover a lot of sites we hadn't done before (San Francisco Zoo, Monterey Aquarium, 17 Mile Drive, Jelly Belly Factory) as well as some sites most people probably never see (the towns of Geyserville and Healdsburg, CA). The wedding we attended was just beautiful, and BusyBee even got to dance on stage with the band. She called them "the stars" and was in total awe of their sequinned and fringed dresses. I think we have a future performer on our hands.

BusyBee also handled the flights reasonably well, which was such a relief. Travelling is so complicated these days, but we had done lots of prior discussions on going through security and being on the plane. The only difficult part was getting her to sleep on the flight out there, as we flew into the sun and the light made sleeping very difficult. She did much better when we had to wake her up early to leave, and then had time to sleep on the plane. Something to keep in mind on future trips.

BusyBee LOVED the little time we spent at the beach and in the pool. This is heavily influenced by "The Little Mermaid," but I hope it lasts longer than its place in the DVD rotation will. I can't express in words how much joy it gives me to see her loving something so much. I didn't even mind the three tons of sand she managed to get all over herself.

Now we are back home and enjoying the tail end of our kitchen renovation. It's starting to come together very nicely, and I'm a little shocked by it. Using real silverware again? Working appliances? It seems to good to be true after a year of living without it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Eye Color and California Dreaming

The BusyBee woke up with pink eye on Friday. This was devastating news, as she couldn't go to school and be Shabbat Helper. DEVASTATING - I've never heard her wail like that. We got meds, and she is getting better, but slowly.

This led to a few interesting discussions with BusyBee announcing that her eyes are all better. Usually, she'd say that her eyes aren't pink anymore, but that they're blue again. Two issues here: I wouldn't really call her normal eye color blue, and that she can't in fact see her own eyes (without a mirror, that is). I think she really believes she can see them as clearly as she can see the television screen.

The amazing news is that I myself didn't contract the pink eye. I seem to get pink eye on an annual basis, usually when I'm so stressed out that my body needs to actually plague me with something to get me to slow down a bit. I was using Purell with such an intensity on Friday that I'm a little surprised I didn't damage my hands. But with California coming up and a grad school paper to write, I couldn't afford to get sidelined.

We leave for San Francisco in just two days!!! Haven't packed a thing yet, but I'm a pretty efficient packer. Pray that our flight can leave on time and not be cancelled due to weather...

Thursday, April 5, 2007

An In Between Day

To quote a favorite poem from high school English class:

Today is very boring, it's a very boring day.

Well, not exactly. But it is an in between day. We spent the last few days with Mr. Bee's family for our Passover seder (and because BusyBee's school was closed). I am at work today, but have off tomorrow for Good Friday. Then I work just three days next week before we leave for a family wedding in California.

I had 374 new email messages when I got in today, after just 2.5 days away (and I did some deleting while away, too). I'm scared to see the total when I get back from four days away in California.

Tonight we are going to a Community Pesach dinner at our synagogue. It was a nice event last year, and I expect tonight will be as well.

Tomorrow BusyBee will be Shabbat Helper at her school. She is beyond excited to bring in her little flashlight, a Glinda doll from McDonald's, and an assortment of other small toys. Since it is still Pesach, we'll be bringing a box of matzah instead of a challah. I hope that is the only change to the routine, as BusyBee hates changes.

Back to work. Anyone know how to import a ticker list into Bloomberg?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

An Egg Story

Passover is just days away, and today was the BusyBee's model seder at her nursery school/daycare program. BusyBee was SO excited for it. The only parental involvement required was the contribution of a small cooked potato, a piece of lettuce, and a hard boiled egg for each kid. No biggie, right?


We are in the middle of having our entire kitchen renovated, and have no means with which to boil an egg. Mr. Bee thought he'd determine some alternate means of boiled egg production, but after two eggs exploded in the microwave at 9:45 pm last night, the situation was getting dire.

After some frantic text messages after 11 pm, we secured a possible egg from my best friend. Said egg was to be exchanged (and no, not for directions to a rave, for the 90210 fans out there) before we left for daycare this morning. Said egg was, unfortunately, a bad egg and did not boil correctly.

Last minute dash to our wonderful neighbors. They came to our rescue and boiled a perfect egg for the BusyBee and we made it to daycare just a little later than usual. Phew.

It all sounds insane - it's just an egg, she's only three years old, blah, blah, blah - but the BusyBee is a temperamental kid. If her egg was in any way different to anyone else's, it would be a tragedy for her. I would hear about it for many months to come.

It's hard to believe Passover is just days away (and that our kitchen is still not done). Next year (boiled eggs) in the new kitchen!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What I've been up to

I've been living up to my Blog name lately and keeping very busy.

I just started a new job. I'm still with the same firm, but a new group. A better position and definitely more interesting, but also more challenging. For the first time in my career, I don't have "daily" tasks. It's strange to come in and not really know how I'll be spending my days. Even at my first job, I had a fairly good idea of what I'd be doing, since I had an exhaustive job description. That position evolved over time, but I was there for nearly six years and definitely knew the rhythm. Now, I have no idea what will be coming next. Very exciting for me.

The BusyBee and I took a trip to Cleveland, Ohio, to visit my parents for a long weekend. It was so much easier travelling with her now that she's potty-trained and our diaper and bottle days are long behind us. We had a good trip - lots of DVDs, two really nice playgrounds, and lots of presents for the BusyBee. We missed Mr. Bee though; BusyBee couldn't get her words out fast enough to tell him everything. Thanks for having us, Mom and Dad.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


We seem to have a few weekend patterns that dominate, and this one has been a shul & shop weekend. Yesterday, we took the BusyBee to Tot Shabbat at our synagogue in the morning, then hit the mall later in the afternoon.

The Natick Mall has been undergoing a major expansion effort for over a year now, and it's due to wrap up this fall. The StrideRite at the mall seems to have the best shoe selection of the local StrideRite's we've tried. They're all very chaotic and under-staffed, but at least when we go to the Natick store we usually leave with shoes in hand. No point in surviving the chaos otherwise.

We also attended a birthday party for a nursery-school classmate of BusyBee's this morning. A fun time had by all. We began the three-year-old circuit in October, and BusyBee's birthday party was in January. I think we'll be going to a bunch in April. I love seeing all of the kids interact with each other, and how they grow up into these little people.

By the way, I love the BusyBee nickname. Since she was born, I've used her name in conjunction with various words beginning with the letter B. Belle, Bear, and of course, Bee, have been in constant rotation, so BusyBee seemed a natural fit. I'm not sure what to do for my husband though. I don't think any man likes to be described as little, and Mr. Bee just isn't very exciting. Suggestions are welcome.

Friday, March 16, 2007

It's About Time

Hello, and welcome to The Life of LilMisBusy.

I've been wanting to start a blog for a long time now, and I'm excited to begin.

LilMisBusy was my AOL Instant Messenger screenname, taken from the "Little Miss" series of books. I'm hoping to find a picture of Little Miss Busy to add here at some point. In college, my closest friends gave me a copy of the book, which described a very scheduled person who isn't very good at relaxing. Needless to say, I could relate.

I am 29 years old and live in the suburbs of Boston with my husband and daughter. I work full-time and am almost done with a part-time master's program as well. I'm not sure yet how many details I want to reveal here. I could link to my husband's blog and you could find many of those more personal details. But I think I want to save this place to write a bit and get some ideas out, yet not necessarily make it easy to find.

While I have a lot in my life for which to be very thankful, it hasn't come that easily. I think having this space to chronicle some of these experiences will be cathartic for me. I can't promise that posts will actually revolve around a theme, or that they'll fit neatly into labels. But I hope that if you chose to read along, that at least you'll find it worthy of your time.

Here's to a new beginning.