Sunday, November 23, 2014

Less-Than-Crafty at the Craft Store - #NaBloPoMo 23

We are inching ever closer to Hannah's fifth grade play, Seussical, and that means it's costume procurement time. This has been stressing me out, because it's not easy to get Hannah and I to agree on clothing items at times, but I also worried that we'd need to please another girl and her mother too, since Hannah shares the role with a friend. Fortunately, the other mom also works full-time, and agreed that we should buy as much as we could. Not make. I was definitely on board with that sentiment.

But when it comes down to it, you just can't buy wings and tail feathers, so some crafting is going to be required. I hit two different craft stores this weekend, and in addition to a feather collar and hair accessory we've already purchased, I bought turquoise boas and sparkly foil leaves that will make great tail feathers. Max was actually the one to find both items with his eagle eyes--I go into a craft store and my vision seems to get blurry from the overwhelming amount of STUFF in there. I swear I stood in front of the elastic ribbon I needed for a good five minutes before seeing it.

So we're getting there. Paired with a turquoise shirt, black leggings, and hopefully sequined black boots, our Gertrude McFuzzes are going to look gorgeous. Now on to hair and make up.

Picture it: wings and a tail feather

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