Thursday, January 31, 2008

Four Years, Four Weeks, and Being a Family of Four

BabyBee will hit the one-month mark tomorrow. No, he wasn't the first baby in Boston (and I didn't see the coverage of who was, being that I was still in labor for half of January 1st). But he was delivered by an obstetrician who once delivered the first baby of the year in the country, so that must count for something. :)

We'll be celebrating by taking him for his one-month pediatrician appointment, as well as having BusyBee go in for her four-year check-up. It should be an interesting hour to say the least. I think both kids will be getting shots, which I'm sure neither will enjoy.

I'm adjusting well (at least I think I am) to being a mother of two. I have to admit that it's hard for me to be at home. Several times a day I have to remind myself of what day of the week it is, since there's not much to distinguish one from another. But I'm happy to have this time with the baby, and BusyBee seems to like her reduced daycare schedule. And I know it will be hard for me to go back to work too.

We haven't had the seismic shift I expected in my last post though - I'd say it's more of a mild aftershock from an earthquake. The second time around is easier in many respects as I feel much more confident as a parent, and our lives are already structured to be kid-friendly. As a bonus, he has such an easy-going personality. BusyBee really adores her little brother and has handled the situation remarkably well. We had some wonderful family support in these first few weeks, which has made things even smoother (thanks again!).

This has been a pretty cheery post, but I still need to take a moment to gush about my son: what a cutie. His blue eyes - if they stay this shade - will make someone fall madly in love with him someday. He's a champ at holding up his head and desperately wants to crawl and move on his own. I think he's going to have Mr. Bee's intensity and intellect, and I can't wait to see what kind of person he will become.