Sunday, November 9, 2014

A "Typical" Busy Sunday - #NaBloPoMo 9

It's 9:52 pm and I'm just starting this post. It seems like somethings don't really change. I first posted about busy weekends back in 2010, and while the events have changed a bit, the constancy of them hasn't. Here's what I did today.

I got up around 7:30, got dressed and took the kids to Hebrew school by 9 am. Well, slightly after 9 am because there was a road race of some kind that messed with the traffic along two different spots on our way there. Then I attended Max's parent-teacher conference for religious school (all good, since he LOVES Hebrew school). I came back home and picked up Marc, and we went to an acquaintance's home to see the renovation they had done with an architect we're considering for a renovation to our home. After that Marc dropped me off at the nail salon and I got a very overdue manicure and pedicure. By now it was just after 1 pm. I walked home, and left again 10 minutes later with Hannah in tow. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts so I could refuel, and then I took her to swim lessons. While she was in swim lessons, I spent most of that time talking with a congregant of our synagogue, who recognized me and introduced himself. After swimming, Hannah and I went to pick up a few items at Wegman's, including dinner ingredients. We get home around four, and I spent an hour folding and putting away laundry while watching a reunion episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey while Max completed a coloring project for school and Hannah listened to music for choir practice. We eat dinner (fish burritos), clean up and then quickly set up some fruit, cookies and drinks and rearrange some chairs to host an information session for Hannah's overnight camp. About two hours later, the last of our guests leave, and I then have time to return my brother's call, who has attempted to reach me three other times this weekend. After we catch up, I have to take time to reinsert my continuous glucose monitor for another week. Then I hop online and respond to a couple of emails before placing an order at Macy's for what I hope will be a good dress for an upcoming set of family pictures. At 9:45 I sing Hannah the Shema (a major Hebrew prayer we sing to her every night), and now it's 10:03 pm.


The thing about that old blog post though? It was written on February 4, 2010. Just a few weeks later, I ended up injuring my back so severely that I basically didn't leave the house for months. So I'll keep busy. I'd much rather stick with that than the alternative.

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