Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Long Weekend

I love three-day weekends, especially one like this one. There is just so much more time to get things done, and I don't feel like I have to sacrifice fun activities for laundry and homework. Not that I've gotten very far on my homework yet. But I did get new shoes and a haircut for the BusyBee, both of which have been necessary for a while now.

Not much else of note has been happening, just busy as usual. Class two nights a week is a major time drain. The BusyBee also attended back-up daycare for two days this past week, while her school was closed for Shavuot. The extra schlepping of her and all her stuff is hard on me, but the change in routine is much harder on her. Fortunately, she handled it like a pro. Funny how sometimes she can roll with the punches, and other times is totally inflexible.

Tomorrow we're planning to attend the Hopper exhibit at the MFA. Should be a good way to avoid a rainy day. And there's still that homework to get to.

Enjoy the start of summer.

Friday, May 11, 2007

On Being Sick

I have had a very bad cold this week.

I felt lethargic all day Monday while at work, and on Tuesday I woke up without a voice. I stayed at home on the couch all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday (had to attend the BusyBee's Mother's Day breakfast at daycare). I even had a fever.

Being sick is not such an unusual experience for me. I seem to get run down and worn out more and more often. At first I would chalk it up to germs brought home by the BusyBee, but this time, I think I just got sick on my own.

The hardest part is the coughing. My coughs can sometimes drag on for weeks. Co-workers tend to get very annoyed, but it's not as if I can stay home with just a cough. The second issue is everyone giving me advice on how better to take care of myself. I try to be nice about it, but I hate that part of being sick more than the rest of it combined.

While colds are a universal experience, there is truly the mother of universal experiences that trumps it. When I was pregnant with the BusyBee, I was stunned by how universal pregnancy is. Even men had comments on my situation. My favorite interaction was in a CVS when Mr. Bee and I stopped to pick up a few things. As I was paying, the clerk noticed we were buying Tums, and assumed they were for a very pregnant me. She told me that heartburn meant the baby had a lot of hair. Well, the BusyBee did in fact have a lot of hair when she arrived, but I don't think it was causing Mr. Bee's upset stomach.

For Mother's Day, the BusyBee made me a great frame with a cute picture of herself at daycare. The frame is purple, of course, since that is her favorite color. It show her "smile-on-command" face, which results in very squinted eyes. I love it.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Almost Graduation Day

On Tuesday night I finished my fifteenth graduate school course as I work towards my MBA. I have just one class to go, and will officially be done with school in July.

It will have taken me four and a half years.

I'm planning to attend the graduation ceremony in a few weeks, though I won't know most of my fellow graduates, having been in the part-time program. I never thought I'd go to the ceremony, but as it got closer I realized that I needed a moment to celebrate this accomplishment. Obviously, it wasn't easy.

I have been applying to or enrolled in grad school for my entire married life. Mr. Bee has practically earned a degree of his own by coaching me through this and handling some of the details of life (and a lot of childcare) that I couldn't attend to while working full-time and taking classes. He needs a moment to celebrate this too.

I have also been lucky to have two employers that recognize the importance of graduate education and have paid all of my tuition (and in one case, fees and books too). To have gotten a free degree is really unbelievable.

Many others have supported and encouraged me along the way as well, and I thank you all for it. Whether you filled out a survey on bread pudding, advised on my leadership skills, or just put up with my schedule and having less free time to spend with you, I appreciate it.

Soon on to the last course. I just have to remember that I'm not totally finished yet. :)

A Few Hundred New York Minutes

Last weekend Mr. Bee and I took our long-awaited trip to NYC. Mr. Bee had purchased tickets for us to see "Wicked" last October (for my birthday) and Sunday was finally the day. We left the BusyBee with my sister- and brother-in-law, and took the train there from New Haven.

After lunch and a little shopping, we saw the show. It was absolutely wonderful. I can't get the songs out of my head. I'm a big Broadway fan, and while I haven't seen everything I'd like to see, I try to go when I can. I've been a fan since I heard the first haunting strains of "Phantom of the Opera" in seventh grade. I can vividly remember singing from the sheet music in the choir room with my three other best friends at the time.

One of those best friends actually had a Broadway role in "Wicked." He was one of the supporting characters, and while watching it, and listening to the CD since then, I can totally see him playing the role (he left the show last summer). In my mind, he's made it. We're not in touch any longer, but I'm proud of him still.

The most amazing part of the day was a totally random, but very New York, moment. We were in Union Square and walked past a movie theater that was screening the new movie "Waitress," starring Keri Russell. She happened to step out of her town car as we walked by. "Felicity" in the flesh. That show was one of my favorites, especially having been a college student myself when it first aired. So that was definitely exciting.

The BusyBee reportedly had a great day too. I felt bad about leaving her (we got her the program from "Wicked" and she's learning all the songs) and can't tell you how many times I thought of her while we were gone for those 10 or so hours. But as soon as we got to NYC, Mr. Bee and I were already planning our next trip and to bring her along.