Saturday, February 4, 2017

Hannah's Bat Mitzvah - Part 2

Quintessential Bat Mitzvah Photo
I didn't think I'd be coming back with the follow up to my first post so soon, but our amazing photographer, Amy Emily, already sent us all of our AMAZING photos. Did I just use amazing twice in the same sentence? Yep, and I'll do it again. AMAZING. I really struggled with which photos to share here, because I love something in all 500+ of them. She captured so many of the details of the day and so many small moments of the party that honestly, it's been hard for me to do anything but look at the photos over and over again in the few days that I've had them.

We worked with a few different vendors for the party, and everything came together so well that I'm sharing them with you here. Consider it my personal recommendation. And nope, nothing was sponsored, so don't worry about all of those blogging concerns.

We worked with my friend (and Having It All Project person!) Rachel G Events to help get some creative ideas and make the party flow seamlessly. Neil Morris and A Perfect Taste helped us serve a wonderful meal that made the party even more fun. Nate, Kenny and the crew from Siagel Productions kept us on our feet all night long. Ed Shems of Ed Fred Ned created Hannah's gorgeous invitation and the logo we used all night long and on her favors as well. Every one of them was a consummate professional, and I'd love to work with them all again!

And now, what you've really been waiting for, the photos! Yay!

Max holding Hannah's invitation
Reading Torah together
A rare photo of me and Marc together!
Dabbing. Because of course.
How cute are we?
Party attire. Note Hannah and Max's Converse.
Hannah and Max with their grandparents and cousins
Aunt Rachel
Uncle Ryan, Sara and Aunt Allison
A portion of the room
Centerpieces made by me and Hannah
Part of the Arts & Crafts table
Colored pencils and coloring pages for our youngest guests
Grandma Fillis and Grandpa John
Grandma Susan and Grandpa Hal
Hora time! (Hannah's hair in this one. OMG.)
My niece getting down! Boogie, Sara!
Me and Julie
Hannah singing one of her camp Zimriyah songs
Make Your Own S'mores for dessert
Water bottle and fan/flashlight favors with the Camp Hannah logo
Thanks to all of the friends and family who made it such a wonderful day. Here's one last shot of me and my girl. Can you believe it - outside photos in January in Boston? How lucky were we?

The luckiest.