Thursday, November 14, 2019

Power of Persuasion

Hannah's feeling a little stressed out this evening. I can't blame her at all; she gets it from me. But I have to try to do better for her than I do for myself. So we took the dog for a walk, we ate comforting food, and now, we're going to subscribe to Disney+. Because if 10 million other people can do it, we can do it too.

First up: High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. I can feel us relaxing already.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Older Questions

My back and assorted other body parts have been rebelling against me today after a particularly bad night of sleep. I was wide awake from 2-3 am, and I've found that as I'm getting older, my body really needs the time to rest. Of course, I've also found on nights when I do sleep more soundly that I awake in pain then too, because I spent too much time in one position. So I'm always questioning what I'm doing in an effort to make things better.

I finally bothered to buy some new pillows this morning. I'll keep you posted on whether or not it helps anything at all, but I know it's been way too long since I've had new ones.

I was telling Hannah about this purchase, and realized that the kids probably have pillows that are way too old too. But they don't complain about aches and pains on a regular basis. "Maybe it's time to buy yourself a new pillow?" isn't a question they've ever asked, nor do I remember asking myself that until recently. I don't think the last time I bought new pillows was a quest to solve my sleep dilemmas.

I guess it's good to always be asking yourself new questions.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


It's supposed to be the first day that we see snow on the ground this season, but so far, nothing much has happened here in Boston. I tried to capture the pretty sky outside my office now that it's cleared up for a moment, but the photo mostly reflects the items in my office, and, well, me. Now you all know I didn't bother to blow dry my hair today.

Snow and ice make me anxious, and the more delayed of a start we see to winter, the more I start dreading the whole enterprise. I can't really see myself living somewhere where it doesn't snow more though. I think I'd have a harder time living in the places that tend to shut down over a couple of inches because no one is prepared. I'd rather know how to deal with it and have to cope sometimes than feel completely stuck.

Anyway, I'm sure the energy I put into worrying about snowstorms helps make the whole thing less of a big deal for everyone else. Except in 2015. I guess I wasn't preoccupied enough that year.

Monday, November 11, 2019

The Opposite of Yesterday’s Post

So it’s day 12 of NaBloPoMo and I’m struggling tonight to think of something to say from outside Max’s guitar lesson. He spent the few minutes in the waiting room with me just running his mouth, which isn’t that unusual, but after a three day weekend, I’m at the end of my listening capabilities. I work hard at tolerating and even encouraging these conversations, and I know with the teenage years approaching, they may soon be gone. But I’m feeling that Sunday night stress on a Monday evening and my eyelid is twitching and so yea, enough.

Perhaps something more riveting tomorrow.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

An Updated Better Conversations

It remains one of my favorite posts here at Busy Since Birth: Better Conversations from 2012, the first of I think four times now that my Brandeis roommates and I have met up when Julia comes to town for a conference. Every time I hear the train song "Bruises," about how these bruises in our lives, well, make for better conversations, I think of these people and how I'm so lucky to still have them in my life. Our 20 year reunion is coming up this spring, and even though Hannah's been taking driving lessons this weekend, I don't really believe it's actually been that long.

And the conversations? Oy. We've all been through some things. But as I said to Marc, there is almost no one I feel more myself with than this crew.

So very lucky.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Show Day!

Tonight the four of us are going to see “Come From Away,” which I’ve been wanting to see for years. It’s the story of an island in Newfoundland that took in 38 planes of people on 9/11. And I will likely cry. 9/11 still feels like yesterday, not almost 20 years ago now. What the people on that island did is a truly remarkable story from that time, and I’m glad the show exists to share their story.

Friday, November 8, 2019


Recently as I left the train station downtown, I heard a street performer playing the saxophone. It wasn't a song I recognized, and may have been just a snippet of something, but I was suddenly reminded of my first apartment in Boston. Someone in the building, or maybe the building next door, played sax, and while I never found out who they were, when I left my windows open, I could often hear them play. Practicing more than playing all the way through something, never something I recognized. Hearing the saxophone now, the image of the three large windows ("so much natural light!") set into the white, unadorned walls of my apartment flashed before my eyes.

I miss the simplicity of my life then. Marc and I were dating, but long distance, so I was usually just responsible for myself. I worked, and I worked hard, but I wasn't disappointing anyone if I got home late and ordered take-out. I could spend my money in any way I chose, and while I had to watch it, I was only just learning to be more careful at that point. I had goals and dreams, but nothing terribly concrete. I was just so proud to have a real Boston address, even though it was to a studio apartment without much of a kitchen that faced into an alley (but those windows!).

I truly believe my life is better now - so much richer than it was then - but I wish I'd valued that simplicity more.