Friday, November 7, 2014

My View - #NaBloPoMo 7

I have a little assortment of things underneath my right-hand computer monitor at work, and I realize it's a view I see constantly, but no one else really does. So, here's a peek into my world. 

The self care items first:
Travel-sized lotion
Eye drops
Clear nail polish
Hand sanitizer 

Pretty self-explanatory, but I should note that they're all relatively new. I finally got tired of digging in my giant purse whenever I needed something, so I slowly acquired things as my annoyance for that item peaked. 

Then there are the toys, even if they're not all really toys. Kermit has been on my desk since I first started working in 2000. He just makes me happy, and is always played with when my kids visit. Kermit is propped up against a Perler bead creation that Hannah made at Bright Horizons, and the resemblance is just striking, right? Then there are four Crayola crayons from our trip to the factory this summer: a classic red that was made in front of us, a green apple with a custom-made label, an orchid since that was my favorite as a kid, and a pink crayon that was melted down into the shape of a diamond ring. There's a fake crystal heart from an event I attended years ago. And my favorite toy of all: the maroon-colored spiral plastic thingy, emblazoned with the logo of a local billiards hall, from another long ago event. It's a great thing for keeping my hands busy when I've got a lot of reading to do. 

Do you have a little corner of the world like this? I'd love to see it!

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