Monday, November 10, 2014

Bistro - #NaBloPoMo 10

I woke up late; actually, I forgot to set my alarm. So I got downstairs late, confronted by the chairs and things I hadn't yet put away from last night's open house. And a load of laundry that needed to be started. I already find mornings stressful, but starting off behind takes it to another place.

Somehow we got to the bus stop on time, which was good because it arrived early and other kids were running there. I got on the train at my usual time, but I really didn't need to, as my follow up eye doctor appointment wasn't until 10. I figured I'd kill time at a Starbucks or something.

Instead, when I got off the train near Beacon Hill, I ended up at a "bistro." It was charming. I ordered my breakfast and coffee and had twenty minutes to settle and let my frantic internal pace slow down. I sorted through emails and saw that things hadn't gotten as out of control as I'd anticipated. I arrived at my appointment early, was seen right away (!), reunited with my contacts, and at my desk by 10:30. I not only caught up, but I made back 30 minutes at work that I wasn't expecting today.

If I'd gone to a Starbucks as planned, or some crowded Dunkin' Donuts, I'd never have slowed down. Thank goodness for charming Beacon Hill bistros.

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