Thursday, November 13, 2014

Make Life Work: My Syndicated BlogHer Debut - #NaBloPoMo 13

At my second BlogHer conference this summer, I sent myself two emails of people I wanted to be sure to follow up with after the conference. One was essentially a cold call, but I liked her and thought her site needed me. It still does, but she never responded to my emails or tweets.

The other was a vague notion over breakfast. Grace of HapaMama, who also works for BlogHer, said to email her afterward. I said I blog about work/life, and she said something was coming. That something was BlogHer's new series, Make Life Work. I pitched her a few ideas in my crude attempt at looking like I knew what I was doing, but something worked. I got forwarded along, and was eventually asked to write this post that went up today. My first official, syndicated & getting paid, post for an organization I love. How cool is that?

It's called "Who (and What) Benefits When I Work From Home." 

I just wish my home office was that pretty! And I don't have a giant "n" but I do have a giant "&" so it's totally just like home. 

Obviously, I'm really passionate about people being able to work from home, and any voice I can add to that cannon is a positive one. I'm thrilled to be on a platform like BlogHer that can amplify my voice many times over. 

I somehow managed to sell them a second piece too, on the upcoming holidays. I just, well, need to actually write it. ;)

Thanks to all of my BlogHer friends, particularly the Cheesesteak Not Cheesecake crew, for all the support and encouragement. Love y'all. 


  1. Yay you! So happy for you and bursting with pride. I'm honored to be part of your tribe. :-)

  2. The office in the picture might be neater than the one in our real house, but we do literally have the corner office with windows.