Sunday, June 10, 2007

Different MBA Perspectives

After a three-plus year break, I am currently taking an actual Finance course. I have tried to take more of the courses relating to organizational behavior and strategy, and I think this has given me a good understanding of how companies work.

In the Finance courses, learning is much more narrow in scope. I am taking a course on fixed income investments, and, to be frank, it's kicking my ass. I'm having to invest a lot of time for what I consider to be very little return. Somehow, I guess I forgot to do the present value calculation on this course before enrolling.

(Actually - I didn't have many options. Seeing as this is my very last class in the program, I've taken almost everything. And summer offerings are always slim.)

I could have done a concentration in Finance, and I think I would then understand a lot about how to finance company operations. But would I have such a universal view? Would I know how to motivate the people behind the spreadsheets and debt offerings? Would I understand the operations and marketing pressures? I'm not sure that I would. Hopefully, someday I'll have an opportunity to use this broader knowledge base.

We'll soon be heading to a Village Day celebration in our town, with some of our neighbors. Their five-year-old son is so good to the BusyBee, incredibly patient with her. He doesn't seem to notice that she's three, and can't quite keep up with him. He'll be a big brother in the coming weeks, and his dad says it's good big brother training. The BusyBee won't need any big sister training - she's raring to go.

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