Thursday, September 20, 2007

The BusyBee wears pants!

The BusyBee is all girl. She loves princesses, purple and pink, make-up and most of all - dresses. Since last December, or there-abouts, she has worn only dresses and skirts. No pants, no shorts. I attempted a pair of shorts earlier in the summer, and after half an hour of screaming, they had to be removed.

But this past weekend, my mother-in-law purchased a very cute pants and shirt outfit from Hanna Anderson. The BusyBee approved the purchase and swore that she'd wear them. I had my doubts, but seeing as I hadn't even purchased a pair in her current size, I figured we might as well try.

So yesterday, when she woke up in a pretty good mood, I suggested the pants. There was a lot of resistance, but after promising a trip to McDonald's and the book store for that evening, she gave in. The pants were worn all day.

I really wish I could have taken a picture to commemorate the day, but I know the BusyBee would never have tolerated that. I didn't want to push my luck any further. So instead, I'll memorialize it here.

She's wearing a skirt again today, but I don't really want to change her sense of style. She's not going to want dresses forever. Though I did see a group of five 10-year-old girls on the T yesterday, all wearing different denim skirts. Maybe it's something she won't have to grow out of after all.

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