Friday, September 7, 2007

A Company "Varganza"

To celebrate a special company milestone, a very fancy party was held last night. You could have called it an "extravaganza" but in three-year-old parlance, that might come out as "varganza" instead. I'd been calling it that in my head (and on my Google Calendar) for weeks, and I can't think of a better word now.

It was quite an event. It began with a Boston Police escort out to the site in Waltham, MA, featured a prominent reggae band (sorry to those of you who actually know reggae music, this was lost on me), and ended in fireworks.

Yes, you read that right, fireworks. It was truly over the top.

Usually, I'm not the biggest fan of company-sponsored get-togethers. I'd personally prefer that they just dole out the cash instead, even if it means less time bonding with co-workers. But seriously, what raises morale higher than more money? Well, my firm answered that question by providing a decently entertaining evening AND telling us we're all getting a surprise bonus check next week.

Now that's a real reason to celebrate.

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