Friday, August 31, 2007

A Vacation to Nowhere

The BusyBee's daycare is closed this week, so Mr. Bee and I were forced to take a few days off. We haven't had much of a break since our trip to California in April, so it's been wonderful.

Yesterday we visited Spectacle Island, one of the Boston Harbor Islands. Taking the ferry from the Long Wharf pier was easy, but the beach there was a little disappointing (very rocky). Mr. Bee enjoyed a hike and the wonderful views of Boston though.

I squeezed in a haircut this morning, which is also something I haven't done in months. It was great to do it first thing in the morning and get to enjoy how nice it looks all day today.

Then we made a giant trip to IKEA. Now that the kitchen is done, we're working on outfitting our office, and then we'll move on to BusyBee's room before tackling Jelly-Belly's (our baby boy, arriving in January, aka "Buggy") room. We're using the delivery service for the first time, which seemed particularly worthwhile given that everything will be carried into the room it needs to go in, a real blessing since I'm pretty useless these days. We always have a good time at IKEA, and today featured a special highlight: BusyBee's first completely eaten ice cream cone. :)

The amazing thing is that I still have three days off! We'll be heading to Storyland in New Hampshire for one of them, but no specific plans for the rest of the time yet. How truly wonderful to take a break from work and not feel even more structured than usual!

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