Thursday, March 29, 2007

An Egg Story

Passover is just days away, and today was the BusyBee's model seder at her nursery school/daycare program. BusyBee was SO excited for it. The only parental involvement required was the contribution of a small cooked potato, a piece of lettuce, and a hard boiled egg for each kid. No biggie, right?


We are in the middle of having our entire kitchen renovated, and have no means with which to boil an egg. Mr. Bee thought he'd determine some alternate means of boiled egg production, but after two eggs exploded in the microwave at 9:45 pm last night, the situation was getting dire.

After some frantic text messages after 11 pm, we secured a possible egg from my best friend. Said egg was to be exchanged (and no, not for directions to a rave, for the 90210 fans out there) before we left for daycare this morning. Said egg was, unfortunately, a bad egg and did not boil correctly.

Last minute dash to our wonderful neighbors. They came to our rescue and boiled a perfect egg for the BusyBee and we made it to daycare just a little later than usual. Phew.

It all sounds insane - it's just an egg, she's only three years old, blah, blah, blah - but the BusyBee is a temperamental kid. If her egg was in any way different to anyone else's, it would be a tragedy for her. I would hear about it for many months to come.

It's hard to believe Passover is just days away (and that our kitchen is still not done). Next year (boiled eggs) in the new kitchen!

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