Thursday, May 3, 2007

Almost Graduation Day

On Tuesday night I finished my fifteenth graduate school course as I work towards my MBA. I have just one class to go, and will officially be done with school in July.

It will have taken me four and a half years.

I'm planning to attend the graduation ceremony in a few weeks, though I won't know most of my fellow graduates, having been in the part-time program. I never thought I'd go to the ceremony, but as it got closer I realized that I needed a moment to celebrate this accomplishment. Obviously, it wasn't easy.

I have been applying to or enrolled in grad school for my entire married life. Mr. Bee has practically earned a degree of his own by coaching me through this and handling some of the details of life (and a lot of childcare) that I couldn't attend to while working full-time and taking classes. He needs a moment to celebrate this too.

I have also been lucky to have two employers that recognize the importance of graduate education and have paid all of my tuition (and in one case, fees and books too). To have gotten a free degree is really unbelievable.

Many others have supported and encouraged me along the way as well, and I thank you all for it. Whether you filled out a survey on bread pudding, advised on my leadership skills, or just put up with my schedule and having less free time to spend with you, I appreciate it.

Soon on to the last course. I just have to remember that I'm not totally finished yet. :)

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