Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Eye Color and California Dreaming

The BusyBee woke up with pink eye on Friday. This was devastating news, as she couldn't go to school and be Shabbat Helper. DEVASTATING - I've never heard her wail like that. We got meds, and she is getting better, but slowly.

This led to a few interesting discussions with BusyBee announcing that her eyes are all better. Usually, she'd say that her eyes aren't pink anymore, but that they're blue again. Two issues here: I wouldn't really call her normal eye color blue, and that she can't in fact see her own eyes (without a mirror, that is). I think she really believes she can see them as clearly as she can see the television screen.

The amazing news is that I myself didn't contract the pink eye. I seem to get pink eye on an annual basis, usually when I'm so stressed out that my body needs to actually plague me with something to get me to slow down a bit. I was using Purell with such an intensity on Friday that I'm a little surprised I didn't damage my hands. But with California coming up and a grad school paper to write, I couldn't afford to get sidelined.

We leave for San Francisco in just two days!!! Haven't packed a thing yet, but I'm a pretty efficient packer. Pray that our flight can leave on time and not be cancelled due to weather...

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