Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And now for the big announcement

I am pregnant.

Twelve-weeks, told-my-bosses, had-an-ultrasound, wearing-maternity-clothes pregnant.

Due right around the BusyBee's 4th birthday.

I am very happy about this baby. We're as ready for a 2nd child as I think we can be. But right now, I'm mostly feeling frustrated.

My biggest issue is maternity clothes and how I feel like I need more of them. I hate the thought of wearing the same few shirts over and over again. Being plus size means there aren't many options out there, particularly in tops that will be good for work purposes. I did luck out on a shopping trip a few weeks ago and bought some things, but am still feeling under prepared.

Then there's my commute. My regular train route is being altered for the summer to accommodate track work, and they are busing. This is bad enough. But today was the kick off of my "Give me your seat, I'm pregnant!" MBTA campaign. So far it's People Who Pretend Not to Notice - 1, pregnant me - 0. I had to stand on both the train and bus portions of my schlep home. This is not fun.

I want a new purse too.

Am I feeling a bit emotional, slightly irrational? You bet. It's going to be a long six more months.

PS: The BusyBee is very excited about the baby. She has lots of logistical questions about taking the baby to stores, school, etc. She also thinks it's hysterical that the baby "eats" my food and "drinks" my water. She can't wait to be a big sister, and I am happy for her.

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