Sunday, March 18, 2007


We seem to have a few weekend patterns that dominate, and this one has been a shul & shop weekend. Yesterday, we took the BusyBee to Tot Shabbat at our synagogue in the morning, then hit the mall later in the afternoon.

The Natick Mall has been undergoing a major expansion effort for over a year now, and it's due to wrap up this fall. The StrideRite at the mall seems to have the best shoe selection of the local StrideRite's we've tried. They're all very chaotic and under-staffed, but at least when we go to the Natick store we usually leave with shoes in hand. No point in surviving the chaos otherwise.

We also attended a birthday party for a nursery-school classmate of BusyBee's this morning. A fun time had by all. We began the three-year-old circuit in October, and BusyBee's birthday party was in January. I think we'll be going to a bunch in April. I love seeing all of the kids interact with each other, and how they grow up into these little people.

By the way, I love the BusyBee nickname. Since she was born, I've used her name in conjunction with various words beginning with the letter B. Belle, Bear, and of course, Bee, have been in constant rotation, so BusyBee seemed a natural fit. I'm not sure what to do for my husband though. I don't think any man likes to be described as little, and Mr. Bee just isn't very exciting. Suggestions are welcome.

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  1. I like Mr. Bee. I'm just glad you didn't call me "DH".