Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Down to the Wire

I am now 38+ weeks pregnant, and my labor will be induced on Monday, December 31. Assuming everything progresses well, we could get a nice tax deduction in addition to our little BabyBee. Or we could be on the front page of the Globe, with the first baby of the year. Either scenario is not something we're really striving for - the 31st is the supposed "ideal" induction date for me. I am pretty uncomfortable and ready to go. At least, as ready as you can ever be for your world to experience a seismic shift.

The BusyBee's level of excitement has been pretty consistent since we told her those many months ago. She loves babies - every baby she sees is cute to her, even the baby Grinch in the live action "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." I know she will fall right in love with her baby brother, and I am excited to watch that happen. I see how much she loves her father and I, but to think that we can create two human beings that will love each other as well - it's just pretty special.

So the big question we're hearing a lot of: are you ready? The answer is a resounding "sort of." We have a lot of the gear in place, but this time around we're definitely travelling lighter. We're trying to be more reserved and figure out what we will really need, which is something you can't really do until you've been there before. I have a tendency to want to go overboard, but Mr. Bee has kept me in line.

As 2007 comes to a close, I look back on the year and know that we have worked very hard for a lot of the things that are good in our lives. But a baby - I recognize how lucky we are to have gotten to this point. I look forward to sharing some of the experiences of our growing, busy family with you soon.

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