Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Giant Post

The last several weeks have gone by in a blur. We've had so much going on, that I'm actually kind of grateful to have a day at home with a fever-stricken BusyBee. So here are some bits on what we've been doing lately.

Halloween was a big hit this year. The weather was gorgeous, and we took our Little Mermaid to our village trick-or-treating event (I really get a kick out of saying "village" sometimes!). BusyBee was very polite, good at saying "trick-or-treat," and is still enjoying her candy a month later, one piece at a time.

We attended a family bat mitzvah in the Albany area the following weekend, the last of a certain generation in Mr. Bee's family (Mr. Bee being the first in that generation, his bar mtizvah having been 20 years ago!). It was a lovely event, and the last family bar mitzvah until the BusyBee's, nine years from now.

Continuing on the Jewish theme, Mr. Bee and I attended a synagogue-sponsored evening on day school and religious school options in our community. While we are still considering public school as our first choice, it was good to hear more about the other opportunities available. It's definitely overwhelming though.

The next day we had the wonderful opportunity to attend the brit milah of the BusyBee's best friend's baby brother. It was a very meaningful event, and we were honored to be in attendance. It was also great to see one firsthand, as BabyBee's brit will occur in just a matter of weeks!

Speaking of which, the BusyBee is getting very excited about her new big sister role. She attended a sibling class and really seemed to enjoy it. Mr. Bee was a little concerned about how all the kids there seemed to most enjoy poking the eyes of their plastic dolls, but BusyBee has reassured us that she knows the difference between a doll and a real baby. We'll wait to see if that's really the case.

We travelled to New Haven and Hartford for various parts of the Thanksgiving weekend, and had a lovely dinner at the home of my sister- and brother-in-law. We also attended Mr. Bee's 15 year high school reunion, where I commiserated with several other pregnant women about having to stand around for hours in our current state!

December is nearly upon us, and I am now 34 weeks pregnant. We're finally getting ourselves stocked with baby gear, and hopefully the rest of the month will fly by with getting ready for BabyBee's arrival. BusyBee is desperate for Hanukah to begin, but in the context of being pregnant, I've been desperate for all of the events above to arrive already! It's as though I have a running list of things that need to happen before the baby is due, and this past month they've been ticking by very quickly. I'm not nervous about having so few weeks left and so much to accomplish, but I'm not quite sure how it'll all get done either. Who knows though - BabyBee could surprise us all and come early. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

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