Friday, May 30, 2014

Suiting Up

My official work photo. And the suit I'm wearing now.
For the last year and a half, I've been attending higher profile meetings at work, and that means I wear a suit. I've got five of them now, though if I'm being honest, one is a skirt suit and I don't wear it as often. I clearly prefer my black suit, because it has good pockets, and I like being able to have my phone with me but not on the table. My purple suit and my brown suit are pretty good too, but no pockets.

I had a meeting shift on to today's schedule, and so the new dress and cardigan I'd been planning to wear were no longer acceptable. I actually discussed it with one of my bosses, and he thought a cardigan would probably be fine, but I felt it wasn't up to our standards. He suggested I tell Hillary Clinton to give up her pantsuits and embrace the cardigan, and then I might not feel like my suit was necessary. Hillary, call me, let's talk.

I'll be honest: my suits are hot and not very comfortable to wear. I hate the high dry cleaning bills they require. I'd rather just be judged on my words and not what I'm wearing. But...I do have to admit the suit has its strengths. I've had some really good meetings in these suits. I do feel fairly confident wearing them. It does separate out that today is a bigger day (even when it's three days a week).

Guess I'll keep suiting up. (But Hillary, seriously, feel free to call, anytime.)

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