Thursday, May 15, 2014

Boston's Keytar Bear

Reason #1763 that you should be on Twitter: you'll be in the know when the mysterious Keytar Bear is performing outside your office during the morning commute.

Or whatever the mysterious, trendy thing is in your town. For Boston, for the last several months, it's been sightings of Keytar Bear in and around various train stations. I'd been seeing reports of sightings, but he's been gone for a while, slipped under the radar a bit. But then this morning, Universal Hub tweeted a picture of him outside South Station's glass entrance enclosures, and I knew just where he was. And then when I got off the train, I heard him before I saw him.

He's a very skilled keytar player, and he seemed to be picking up a good bit of cash for 8 am on a Thursday. I asked before taking his picture, and he gave me a photo button with a picture of him on it.

Boston Magazine posted this interview with him (warning for language), a busker's perspective that I don't usually think about, despite encountering them often. Seeing him in person, I felt like I was a bit more tied in to things. And when I tweeted my photo, it was "favorited" 18 times, more than anything I've ever tweeted before. A bit of fun for what was just another commute until then. And it far surpassed the public nail-clipping I endured listening to on the way home!

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