Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Highs and Lows

I started today getting some blood work. I actually requested it a month early, because something was off with my thyroid on my last draw, and I was worried it was still off. But it's back in the normal range now, so the way I'm feeling now probably isn't related.

It probably is related to diabetes. And I probably need to get back to using a continuous glucose monitor to get myself back in line.

I first used a CGM back in 2011, and wrote about it then, when I was still really happy about it. But as time went on, I found I was having more and more issues with its reliability, and finding it was harder to manage. Plus, at the time, my results were so much better. I had figured things out, and adjusted, and so I gave myself a break. I swore to myself that if I ever got too far off track, I'd look into using the CGM again.

I'm not that far off track, but before I completely derail, I think I need to get back on. Too many highs, too many lows. Knowing this makes me sad--I want to be able to manage without more interventions--but it's better for me to give in and do the work. The CGM has supposedly been improved in the past couple years as well. Summer is a somewhat quieter time of year for me, so I can make the time. I have no big trips planned (well, other than BlogHer and a trip to Pennsylvania). I can always stop again if it doesn't work.

But I think it's time to try.

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