Sunday, May 18, 2014

Inbox Zero

This is by no means a humble brag. It's just an outright brag. As of this moment, my personal inbox is at zero. That hasn't happened for an incredibly long time for me, probably more than nine months. And for a person who tries really hard to always be at that level, not being there for so long has been a challenge.

Now this doesn't mean I don't still have things to do. I have a to do list at work, and another one in my Google calendar. I have aftercare forms to return on my little table where I put my purse when I'm not out and about. But I actually have a good grip on things, and not having plans yesterday truly did help. So when I took photos at the religious school assembly this morning, I was able to stay on top of it, load them to our temple Dropbox account, send a few out to friends, and crop a couple to put up on facebook all without my normal delays. That feels really good.

It won't last long. Something with throw off the balance soon I'm sure, probably even tonight as my international colleagues start their day while I'm still asleep. But it's the second Sunday in a row where I've found a few minutes to type outside on my front stoop. This time, Max is "washing" my car with a tiny towel. It's maybe not as productive as my inbox zero state, but he's certainly having a lot of fun.

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