Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

I'm sitting on my front stoop to type this in the middle of a busy Mother's Day afternoon. Marc is away visiting with relatives from his side of the family, and I am home with the kids. This arrangement is perfectly acceptable though, as I got to go out with friends last night, and was given lovely Mother's Day cards and a gift this morning.

The kids only have a few more sessions of religious school, so that's why we kept them at home today. There's a little festival here for the weekend, right next to the library, which we needed to visit anyway. I honestly didn't want to go--didn't think the kids would cooperate and be patient with each other and just me--but it worked out surprisingly well. We had a picnic lunch, they went on rides together and apart, and watched friends in a dance troupe. They had ice cream. We came home, and they rode bikes for a few minutes before deciding it really was time to go inside and get out of the sun a bit.

Oh, but the sun. It is so, so welcome after this long, awful winter. So I'll sit out here just a bit longer, enjoying just the hint of a spring breeze, the sound of the traffic nearby, and the fast click-clacking of my keyboard. We need groceries, and there is a mountain of laundry that I'm trying to scale, but for now I'll just take in this little respite from thing-to-thing.

There will always be more things. But the sun doesn't always shine so nicely in the middle of a busy Mother's Day afternoon.

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