Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Coming Soon

Two months from today, I'll be on my way home from my second BlogHer conference. Not too much has changed since I attended last year, if I'm being honest. I came home so energized, so ready to tackle more, and I did, I guess. The New York Times Motherlode blog happened, but I knew that was happening before I left. LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER happened, and that was a huge happening. But the blog is basically the same.

I have different goals for this year's conference. I haven't spent time with the agenda yet, but I plan to challenge myself and take a look at some of the more technical things they offer. I haven't done much of anything to grow this blog, and that's because I simply don't know what else to do. I'd like to pitch my writing to more sites, but I haven't had that flash of inspiration that hit like the NYT piece did, other than the one I wrote for LTYM. Maybe inspiration is just a once a year thing for me. I hoped that with writing every day in May, I'd hit upon something too, but no, not really. Though I have enjoyed not promoting myself as much. And yet, that brings me back to one of my original issues. Growth, more readership.

My other goal for the conference is to attend more parties. Last year I focused a bit too much on what I was trying to take away from it all, how I was going to be so serious about writing. This year? I want more friendship, more connections. I met some amazing people last year, and I want more of it, on a deeper level this year. So, more parties.

I'm getting ready. These next two months are going to fly by.

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  1. Looking forward to this year's conference, Cheryl! And, yes to the parties!