Saturday, May 24, 2014

65 Celebrations

Twenty-four members of the family in attendance!
We spent today in Hartford to attend my father-in-law John's 65th birthday party. My mother-in-law Fillis did a fabulous job throwing the party, gathering many of our extended family members, friends and colleagues of John's. I spent a good portion of the party taking photos and getting to hold two of the newest members of our family, Cody and Lily, who are both children of Marc's first cousins (Josh and Michelle and David and Torrie, respectively). Both Fillis and Marc gave lovely speeches, and I'm glad so many people could come together to celebrate.

Since Fillis turns 65 in the fall, she and John have decided to have 65 celebrations in the approximately six months between their birthdays. I think it's a fantastic goal, and hope we'll be included in many of those events along the way.

Happy birthday John. As Marc said, may you live to be one hundred and twenty.

Marc's first cousins Meagan and Graciella, playing with Cody and Lily, and Hannah and Max

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