Saturday, May 3, 2014

On the Radio

In my attempt to promote Listen To Your Mother, I had the truly fun opportunity to be interviewed by Henry Santoro of's Internet radio station, RadioBDC. I'd never done radio before, but I know I can talk. I give presentations for a living, after all. And considering how passionate I am about LTYM, I figured it would be a breeze.

It really was. Henry had done his research, and conducted a flawless interview. I was totally impressed by the way he wove all the details together, and promoted the show date, time and location so effortlessly. The conversation flowed smoothly, too, until he started talking about an event at Mass General Hospital, which I hadn't heard about. 

I was a bit panicked inside, since I had no idea where the story was going. He said the story was major news the prior day, but I'd been out and about and heard no stories at all. Apparently, a woman had delivered a 14 pound baby. Off the cuff, I was able to respond and say she's definitely got a story to tell, and that she should audition next year!

All in all, it was a great experience and something I'd love to do again. When I finished the interview, Marc texted me that Max asked if I was famous. I'm clearly on my way. ;)

Hear the complete interview on Radio BDC's blog.

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