Monday, May 19, 2014


So in case you haven't noticed, so far, I've been blogging every day this month. It was a little post-LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER goal for myself, as I let my blogging slide a bit in the months leading up to the show. I needed to get back in the swing of writing again, and I thought this would be a useful exercise. Blogging every day for a month is actually a thing, called NaBloPoMo, and BlogHer lists day-by-day topics to help you out.

Only I didn't like May's topic: Nourish. Lots of prompts about food.

Of course, I love good food, but not enough to wax poetically about it for an entire month. So, I was going to go it alone and just focus on what I wanted to say. But here, day 19, I am tapped out. So I went to the prompts.

"Monday, May 19, 2014
What do you do to nourish yourself apart from food?"

Are they kidding me?


Until tomorrow, friends.

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