Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Speak Slowly

Half way in to the office this morning, I got an email that my building had a water main break, and that we should work from home! So I hopped off the train and took the next one back towards Newton, voted in our town elections, bought some muffins from the local cafe, and then came home to change into comfier clothes. I've done two conference calls from home this morning, and now I get to spend the afternoon talking to myself.

I'd have talked to myself in the office today too, but it's definitely better to get to do this from the comfort of my couch. I'm filming a video later this week, and while I'm supposed to appear easy-breezy conversational, well, that takes some practice from me. It's like four one-minute monologues. Over the past few years, I've gotten used to helping my kids with monologues for various auditions, but it's not something I myself have to do all that often. I talk fast, and it's not easy for me to moderate that. I've managed with a teleprompter before, but I won't have one this time around.

I hope Shira (our dog) is in the mood for lots of talk about bank loans. She's the only audience I've got.

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