Sunday, November 3, 2019

Before 1:30 pm

A list of things I’ve done today, a fairly typical Sunday:

Got up to the sound of the dog barking
Let the dog out, fed and watered
Took laundry out of the dryer and left it out of reach of the dog
Woke Hannah
Showered and got dressed - yay jeans!
Put two loads of laundry away
Brought down and started another load of laundry after picking up clothes from the bedroom floor
Had Max take out the recycling
Made sure the kids had what they needed for religious school/Hannah’s outing with friends this afternoon
Meal planned for the first half of the week with Hannah’s assistance, made the shopping list
Stopped for coffee on the way to religious school
Dropped the kids off
Did the grocery shopping at Wegman’s - thankful for all the products they have that simplify our lives
Unpacked the groceries at home
Flipped the laundry
Did some dishes - not much but had emptied leftovers from the refrigerator
Took the compost outside
Bagged up clothes from the closet floor for Vietnam Vets pick up on Tuesday, brought them downstairs, plus an old lamp we’re donating
Ordered lunch online for three of us from Panera
Picked up lunch
Picked up Hannah early from religious school, drove her to a friend’s house while she ate
Chatted with my friend at the drop off
Drove home and attacked our laundry closet to pull out boots and other winter gear, sorted more stuff to donate
Took the laundry out of the dryer, started washing the dog’s blanket
Sent an email to South Stage Parents, plus another to the South Stage Board
Drank juice since my blood sugar was plummeting
Picked up Max from religious school (started writing this list while I waited in the parking lot)
Flipped laundry again, started another load
Ate lunch with Max, flipped through the Globe Sunday magazine
Cleaned up from lunch
Had Max assess his portion of the winter gear, reminded him to finish his homework

...And umpteen times letting the dog out and coercing her back in with treats.All before 1:30 in the afternoon. Later, I still need to work on a graphic for South Stage, take Max to and from choir practice, pick up Hannah from her outing,  cook dinner and clean up from that. I'll get some time to rest this afternoon, probably watching Saturday Night Live as Sunday Afternoon Pre-Recorded. But no wonder it's less tiring to go back to my office on Monday, right?

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