Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I Get It, and Yet

So the other night I told you that I don't read very much to completion anymore, and I do think that's true. And yet, being away from my desk all day today, my feedly reader stacked up with new posts, and I just cleared them out again, tagging eight posts that I will probably read through in their entirety, plus two more from my favorite work-related site, and I printed out another work article that was seven pages long and I read the entire thing. So maybe it's just a matter of being more selective about what I read given the quantity that's available out there. I probably read the headlines of 75 other pieces that I took a pass on completely. If I'd been in my office instead of traveling, I probably would have read more of them, and definitely seen more headlines.

What makes the cut, other than the work stuff that's relevant? Mostly content on Bravo. It's my weakness.

Now it's time to sit in a more comfortable spot and dive in.

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