Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Show Week

Max is in the fall play at his middle school, which will be shown on Thursday and Friday night this week. This afternoon, I got to play with my fancy camera and take photos of the dress rehearsal, which will later be shared with the families.

Max has a fun part in the show, but he's actually only in one scene, so it's pretty low stress for him. He knows what he needs to do, his costume wasn't a challenge to assemble, and it's all just fine. Sorry Hannah, if you read this, but it feels like the complete antithesis of any show in which Hannah has ever been involved. Max doesn't have a cold. I'm not out replenishing our make up supplies at the last minute. He's just going to be in the show, and it will be great, and it will be over.

This might be the last time it ever feels this way though, so I'm definitely enjoying it.

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