Tuesday, November 12, 2019


It's supposed to be the first day that we see snow on the ground this season, but so far, nothing much has happened here in Boston. I tried to capture the pretty sky outside my office now that it's cleared up for a moment, but the photo mostly reflects the items in my office, and, well, me. Now you all know I didn't bother to blow dry my hair today.

Snow and ice make me anxious, and the more delayed of a start we see to winter, the more I start dreading the whole enterprise. I can't really see myself living somewhere where it doesn't snow more though. I think I'd have a harder time living in the places that tend to shut down over a couple of inches because no one is prepared. I'd rather know how to deal with it and have to cope sometimes than feel completely stuck.

Anyway, I'm sure the energy I put into worrying about snowstorms helps make the whole thing less of a big deal for everyone else. Except in 2015. I guess I wasn't preoccupied enough that year.

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