Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Where I Live

Lincoln Street in Newton Highlands
Today is one of my work at home Wednesdays, which I told you in a recent post that I've just begun having after years of working from home in a very chopped up way on Tuesdays. So far, I've really been enjoying these Wednesdays, with a longer stretch of quiet time at home where I'm able to do some deeper thinking about work stuff with fewer interruptions. It's been really good for me.

But just like my Tuesdays, I've been using my Wednesdays to get some errands in, and today was no exception...except that it was a particularly lovely fall morning. Okay, yea, the leaves are off all of the trees in the photo above, but that didn't matter. The temperature was perfect for a few walkable errands in my village center. Yes, village.

This morning I was able to go to the dry cleaners, stop at the post office, have a yummy breakfast burrito, buy a baguette for dinner at the local bake shop, and get a manicure all in about 90 minutes, on foot. Which is extra good, because our car, as Marc described it, decided to dress up as Frankenstein on Halloween by getting a bolt lodged in its tire, so I'm without access to a car today.

I love feeling so accomplished by 9:30 in the morning. Then I was able to dive right in to work when I got home, without all of those things nagging over my head for the rest of the day. Or, um, week, as can be the case when it comes to taking in the dry cleaning. ;)

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