Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Blogging From My Car

Well, I've made it to the half-way point of NaBloPoMo, annual torture device where I post here every day, and I'm still at it. Only a few people who started with me have made it to this point (hi, Melisa, Jen and Vikki), but I know they've all been checking in and encouraging each other, and I'm on my own island over here, so in fairly proud of myself. Anyway, tonight I'm writing from my car, in between a quick trip to Wegman's and picking up both of the kids from their schools.

It's show week here, meaning Hannah's fall play, "Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit" is this Thursday and Friday evenings, and she's had extra late rehearsals this week. She's playing Pig #1, as in "The Three Pigs," and has been remarkably chill about this production. Her costume was sourced from my closet, since it's all "street clothes with accents of fairy tale" and her pig is a bit of a tough guy, so she's borrowing a pale pink shirt and leather jacket of mine. And my black "biker" boots, which she seemingly took from me last year. She's only in two scenes, and she's been trying to set expectations on the low side, but I know I'm still going to love it. I can't get enough of my girl, on stage or off. But I think she's just looking forward to the next show, "Zombie Prom." Yes, that's a real thing. G-d help us all.

Max is taking an improv class after school once a week, but I think he misses being in a show. He's been pondering time and the meaning of life lately. I'm really not kidding about that. This morning he asked me, "if all my days are basically the same, what's the point of all this?" I pointed out that there are exceptional days, like when you go on a Disney cruise, but yea, life is repetitive. I don't think he appreciated my answer. I think he's a little bored with his life right now, solidly in the middle of the elementary school years. I need to find him some excitement.

Then again, I could use some excitement too. Of the non-Donald Trump variety, that is.

Oh, and I cooked again today. My eyes were bigger than my appetite though. I always take too much pasta.

Pasta with turkey meat sauce and lemon-pepper spinach

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  1. I so need pasta in my life right now. Also! Ivy had a callback for Cats tonight. I think I want her to make it more than she does! :)