Friday, November 18, 2016

No Place for Hate

Here's the Massachusetts State House. Isn't she lovely?

I spent about 30 minutes there on the front steps today, during my lunch break, asking that our governor, Charlie Baker, speak out against the appointment of Steve Bannon and other frightening (thus far) men to senior positions in the new administration, and to guarantee that our state is a safe haven for all. I wrote a letter, which the protest leader is gathering with others and submitting to the governor's office, but I emailed mine in too.

I stood in the sun and chanted, "no place for hate, no time to wait" and "speak up, Charlie!" and "love trumps hate" with a group of a hundred or so strangers. Passersby joined us, stopped and wrote a quick letter, or honked their horns in solidarity. Two duck boats of tourists drove by, and I hoped they were all from red states, and they saw us spreading support for others.

And for the first time since November 8, I felt a little better.

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