Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday, Monday

Random thoughts on a Monday:

- I am so glad to be home right now. I've been fighting a cold for the last week, and though I am a lot better, well, I'm really tired from fighting it.

- I still haven't packed.

- Max went to urgent care for a possible broken wrist on Saturday, but we got the all clear on his x-rays after a second review tonight. Thank goodness, because, as said above, I am so glad to be home right now and not going to get him a cast somewhere.

- I updated approximately a zillion apps today, but my Blogger app is still misbehaving. Of course.

- I don't go in to the office again for a week. I'm working from home tomorrow as Marc has a conflict at work. Then, Thanksgiving vacation time for me. Yippee.

- I fell asleep watching "Saturday Night Live" on my "Sunday Evening Recording" and can't decide if I should bother watching the rest.

- I am planning to watch "Search Party." Vulture says it's one of this year's best shows, and I'm interested to see if I binge watch it or wait as the episodes unroll this week. It's a personal test.

Enough typing for now. How was your Monday?

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