Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Now We Wait

It's almost the end of election day. The purple pantsuit I wore as a testament to Pantsuit Nation is now in a ball on the floor (because OMG so uncomfortable), and my comfy slippers are on my feet.

I've made no secrets that I've been with Hillary since the beginning, watching her launch her campaign from a Connecticut parking lot. I wanted her to win so badly in 2008, when I was home on maternity leave with newborn Max and overly invested in primary season. I learned from one of the men who tried to help her shape health care policy during my time at Brandeis. I remember her saying she didn't bake cookies, and even then, I knew I probably wasn't going to be much of a cookie-baker myself.

I've donated to her campaign. I put up a yard sign. Checking my privilege, I wrestled with what more I felt comfortable doing, a topic I hope to explore more some day. I facebooked and tweeted countless articles, made sure my children knew why I was supporting her, and (hopefully) I was cautious about the feelings of others along the way. But I always made myself known.

So tonight we wait, and tomorrow, we work on healing all that this campaign has broken. There is still a lot to be done. But for now, comfy slippers. I hope Hillary has a pair to wear too.

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