Sunday, November 20, 2016

How to Make White Chocolate Banana Bread

Step 1: Be receptive to almost-teenage daughter's upset feelings before 9 am on a Sunday.

Step 2: Get surprisingly emotional over never-known about family artifacts by 9:30 am on a Sunday.

Step 3: Face the usual Sunday drudgery of laundry, dishes, emails I can't answer and pestering Max to do his long-term homework assignments, plus the unusual added dimensions of packing to go away, putting away the air mattress, the fact that I skipped blogging yesterday, still lingering feelings over politics and always over Hamilton.

Step 4: Decide to bake white chocolate chip banana bread. Because the bananas aren't going to get eaten in that state, and there are leftover white chocolate chips from some other failed baking attempt and you need something good and positive to come out of this morning.

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