Sunday, November 1, 2015

My 500th Blog Post - #NaBloPoMo 1

Here I go again.
Today is November 1, which is the start of another round of NaBloPoMo, where bloggers torture convince themselves that posting on their blogs every single day for a month is a good idea. I've always had #bloggoals, less lofty than #squadgoals, one of which is to post more often every year than the last.

2015 is going to be the first year I fail at that.

But I'm coming off of two really dedicated blog years. 2013 was The Having It All Project, where I had 50 guest posts written by others. The only way I could top that in 2014 was by doing not one but TWO NaBloPoMos, one of which I inflicted upon myself as a way to not get depressed after the first season of Boston's LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER came to a close. 2015 has been more about whether or not the blog even survives another year. I am hanging on by a thread these days.

So, NaBloPoMo it is. Coincidentally, this is my 500th blog post ever. Considering the blog is eight years old, I think 500 is actually a fairly low number. Considering that I'm not paid a dime for any of my efforts here, perhaps 500 is just the right number. Maybe I've been feeling blogger's block because 500 is actually a really high number.

Just so this post isn't only about contemplating my own blogging path, here are the kids Halloween costumes this year. Hannah made hers from scratch, completely by hand, whereas Marc helped Max order components for his since the character he wanted wasn't officially sold anywhere.

A Starbucks strawberry frappuchino
"Carlos" from the Disney movie, "Descendants"
It looks like I've missed a couple of Halloween years on the blog. Here's a recap from 2004-2010 and another from 2012. Recalling 2013 and 2014 was surprisingly difficult!

A skeleton and a nerd, 2013.

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